September 2022

Eastside Senior Services has recently received a $10,000 grant from the Bader Foundation to begin a new pilot project called “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”  This project is an intensive outreach conducted in a smaller area, connecting clients and volunteers in close proximity to one another, nurturing relationships, reducing isolation and loneliness, while helping older adults obtain help in order to remain independent in their homes.  As of now, the average distance between a client and volunteer is about ten minutes away, and we would love to make connections in closer proximity to one another!  We are focusing our efforts in the Murray Hill Neighborhood, then expanding our efforts in our areas within our service.

As an offshoot of the Neighbors program, we are performing targeted volunteer searches when receiving service requests in our general service area such as snow shoveling or chores, seeking volunteers within a block radius of the requestor.


As we age, everyday tasks can become more difficult such as changing storm windows, climbing stools, shoveling, or getting to appointments.  Some have little connection or trust of others.  While some may have the ability to pay for these types of services, some may not, or it may be an overwhelming task of finding out who to call and to go through the process of finding someone.  This results in things being unattended to, an older adult overextending themselves or not receiving needed medical care.  In addition to all of this, 1 in 5 older adults are considered lonely and/or isolated.  

Most adults desire to remain in their homes but in reality this could lead to a poor quality of life, with little social connections or support.  If neighbors could help someone nearby, developing trusting relationships with one another and nurturing organic social connections, we would be helping someone remain in their own home, decrease isolation/loneliness, and reduce the financial burden of long term care.

Take a look at our flyer here!