Why Corner Keepers?

Winter can be a scary time to walk outside for some.  Icy and snowy sidewalks and large piles of snow covering street corner ramps make it difficult for older adults and those with disabilities or injuries to navigate through the neighborhood.  In the Murray Hill neighborhood, many rely on walking or the transit system to get around.  Uncleared sidewalks and corners deter some from leaving their homes in the winter months, while others venture out but risk injury.  Winter months can lead to isolation and loneliness for these vulnerable populations – but we can pitch in to help make our neighborhood safer to live in and navigate through!

What Can Murray Hill Neighbors Do To Help?

  1. SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER, helping neighbors clear snow and to clear out block corners
  2. Ensure that your sidewalk is clear within 24 hours of a snowfall
  3. Reduce ongoing ice patches that are caused by water refreezing
  4. Clear away snow on the corners, especially ramps & after plows come through
  5. Shovel snow surrounding fire hydrants for easy access in the event of a fire
  6. Watch for neighbors who have difficulty shoveling and do it for them.  Some older adults clear out their snow when they shouldn’t, which leads to injuries, heart attacks, and even death.

Let’s Make This A Little Fun…

Volunteer to be a “Corner Keeper” HEREYou will be assigned a corner to oversee or offer to help an older adult clear snow nearby where you live.

 We will kick off our snowy season with a fun orientation and snacks!  At the end of the season, we will celebrate with a hot cocoa party.

What If I Can’t Afford A Shovel?

We will supply that for you!  We have several Shovel Sheds in the neighborhood with free shovels for you to use as a Corner Keeper, thanks to the support of WE Energies Foundation and WI Salt Wise.

What If I Am Older or Disabled and Have Difficulty Shoveling?

Let us know HERE and we will try and match you with someone who is able to help you.