ESS Service Coordinator   (16 hours per week)

Responsible for day to day coordination of services between older adults needing assistance and pool of trained volunteers.

Meet with older adults who request services:

  • Make home visit to older adults requesting assistance for first time.
  • Assess their appropriateness for volunteer assistance and ESS’s ability to meet their needs.
  • Complete information needed to enroll older adult.
  • Explain ESS and what kinds of informal assistance that ESS can provide.

Meet with potential volunteers:

  • Discover volunteer’s interest in serving;
  • Gather information needed about volunteer including a completed volunteer form.
  • Conduct background check.


Support Volunteers:

  • Provide training for new volunteers and ongoing training for all volunteers as appropriate.
  • Work with volunteers to resolve issues or concerns that occur while they are on assignment.
  • Keep Executive Director informed of any issues that arise


Match volunteers with older adults who need assistance:

  • If volunteers are making some of the day-to-day matches, work closely with those volunteer to make sure they are working within ESS matching guidelines.


Keep appropriate records of all service activity:

  • Use computer program to keep track of each service provided, who received service, volunteer providing service, when service was provided, and other information as needed.
  • Provide regular service reports to the Executive Director and Board of Directors.


Coordinate all activities for seniors and volunteers:

  • Birthday cards, holiday gifts and other activities for older adults.
  • Coordinate all volunteer recognition both group and individual.


Provide other functions as needed from time to time to meet ESS goals and mission.

All ESS employees must be comfortable working with a diverse group of people, people with disabilities

and diverse faith communities.

Must be experienced with computers including data bases,  web sites, basic troubleshooting of both

software and hardware.

This position requires access to an automobile and proof of insurance.

 Submit cover letter and resume to by April 1, 2019.